In our experience, working with manufacturers directly is often a costly learning curve for designers, especially new designers. 

During the sample making and production development stages, a designer’s concept is most susceptible to change.  When placing a work order with a sample maker, a designer expects the sample returned to reflect the ideas in their sketch.  Any lack of communication with a factory or a manufacturer’s shaky foundation can alter the original intention of the design.  Without a safety net of checks during patternmaking and fittings, trends and visions are translated into patterns that further the design from its original concept.  Mixed with disorganized methods and outdated practices, designers don’t realize how exposed they are to costly mistakes until valuable time and money are already lost, sometimes at an irreversible cost to the brand. 

Acme Design New York was born naturally from our own focus to tailoring and a discipline to fit.  While our background is rooted in fashion design, our careers in technical design have shaped the way we see garments.  We approach each collection as a team, lending our expertise and tailoring our services to focus on a brand's continued vision and values.