About Us


We are a new generation of innovative fashion engineers fully committed to promoting ‘Made in New York’ garment manufacturing.  Within our two divisions, Design Lab and Pattern Studio, we service both emerging and established brands with support from design development to production in the apparel industry.

Acme Design Lab offers emerging designers the ability to use our expertise as a starting point to build their collection.  From design refinement to sourcing fabrics and trims through our network of local and overseas suppliers, we help client build infrastructure and offer full services to designers who are looking to build a solid foundation to grow their brands.

Acme Pattern Studio specializes in both hand and digital pattern making and offer technical solutions to established brands that would like to outsource the service to the Garment District.  Our meticulously constructed patterns in both traditional hand and new 3D prototyping technology offer solutions to bridge a designer’s concept to production friendly standards without losing a brand’s overall look and feel.  

Acme Design New York is founded on the belief that design must dictate over production, not the other way around.  We understand a designer’s point of view, and our strength is in our ability to carry out new ideas while preserving a designer’s vision from development through to the production stages.  As a team, we help address issues that emerging brands face at the early stages, and advise on a strategy to move forward the project at the most cost effective way.